VVGV Mini Bonds Overview


The Mini Bonds Issuer

Groupvest has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with an established London developer Visu Verum to fund the purchase and development of a pipeline of residential sites across South West London and the surrounding region. The individual mini bonds providing funding for this arrangement are called The VVGV mini bonds (the “Bond or Bonds”) These bonds are issued in tranches by the VVGV holding company and deployed, under strict criteria, by tranche into an individual SPVs that develops a portion of the pipeline. In this way each bond tranche will be directly invested into its own portion of the pipeline to segregate and ring fence the security of the investment.

The proceeds from the bond will go towards the purchase costs of selected sites, which have been pre-qualified as suitable for re-development, along with any further development costs that are not covered by a senior lender. The VVGV partnership will maintain an equity stake in each purchase of no less than 10% of the amount required to develop each site over and above funds being provided by a senior lender.


The Subscription Process

Once subscriptions to the bond have closed Investor monies will be held in escrow, for up to 90 days, until any sites under consideration for development, or under option to be purchased in the pipeline, are ready to go into contract. As soon as possible thereafter the Bond proceeds will be drawn down for deployment into the purchase and development of the sites.  No drawdown will take place until a red book valuation to support the development appraisal and its projected GDV has been made.


General Risks

Naturally, certain risk factors are out of our control, such as the evolving condition of the UK economy or the approach of government legislation to property development over time. More specifically all development is at risk to the fluctuations of demand and supply and the affordability of house prices at any given time. Therefore to mitigate the risks of development we screen and qualify all of our opportunities thoroughly and attempt to develop where demand is greatest and supply is limited, such as for mid-range housing units and larger apartment schemes. If a site or scheme in the proposed pipeline does not meet our stringent criteria to develop we will not deply bond funds to develop it.

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